4 Corners

You will need 2 tubes and font of choice.
I am using an image from my Ed Mironiuk CILM licensed packages. Please visit CILM to obtain your own license to use Ed's artwork.
My template and text fill . PsPX/Animation Here.
Open my template in PsP. Windows duplicate and close the original for future creating.
Open one of the tubes you will be using, edit copy.
Back to our template , edit paste as new layer.Image resize all layers unchecked if needed.
Layers/properties and change the blend mode to screen and the opacity to 73.
Open the second tube you will be using.
Edit, copy back to our template.Edit paste as new layer.
Layers, arrange bring to top.
Open my text fill pattern. Grab you text tool.Set your foreground to null and background to my text fill pattern.
Add your text, your text effects.
Add your watermark, your artist credits.
We are ready to animate.
---Hide Ani1 and Ani2 layers. Unhide Ani3. Edit,copy merged.
Open up animation shop. Edit, paste as new animation.---
Back to PsP
---Hide Ani3 and Ani1 layers. Unhide Ani2. Edit copy merged.
Back to animation shop. Edit,paste after current frame.---
Back to PsP.
---Hide Ani3 and Ani2 layers. Unhide Ani1. Edit, copy merged.
Back to animation shop.Edit paste after current frame.---
File optimization wizard, save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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08/16/2006 08:27:24 AM