You will need font, image and tube of choice.
I am using images from my purchased Lorenzo Sperlonga package from CILM. Please visit CILM to purchase your own package to work with Lorenzo's art.
You will also need PhotoImpactPro 11 from Nova.
Open PI. Open the tube and image you will be using.
*When you open your tube choose the setting to "Open each layer as an object".*
Go to your easy palette. Click on the libaries tab.
Scroll down to Template Libary. Click the + sign to expand the library.Click on the 4x8 Photo Cards and select Bulletin Board 2. Double click to have this template open.

Adjust resize with these settings.

Tab your return key on your keyboard to deselect all objects.(or object deselect all objects)
From your layer manager. Click on Obj-36/right click and delete. Click on Obi-33/right click and delete.
Click on Obj-17. Edit fill with these settings.

Click on Obj-20. Go to the image you have opened. Edit copy, back to our template . Edit paste into selection.
Position your image where you like before you click down on your mouse. Click down to place your image.
*You can right click and select shadow to add a shadow if you would like.*
Go to the tube you have opened. Edit copy, back to our template. Edit paste as object.
Right click on your tube layer and select arrange "send backward. Repeat this step one more time. We want your tube to be above Obj-27 in your layer manager.
*You can also click and drag your tube layer down as well. *
Adjust resize with these settings.

Positon your tube to where you would like.
Photo/PhotoFrame with these settings.

Position to where you would like.
Right click on Obj-28 and select duplicate. Position to your liking.
Right click on Obj-28 and select duplicate. Position to your liking.
View/Show base image. (You will not be apply to apply the thumbnails for the next step with out the base image visible.)
"--Text Effect Step--"
Click on your text tool. Type in your text you would like for you first line.
Click on your template and add your text. Go to your easy palette/Galleries, Text/Path Effects
Click the + sign beside Type to expand the library. Click on the fire tab and select Fire 4.Double click to apply.
Using your transform tool with these settings.

Using the nodes resize your text to your liking.
Object properties/change the transparency to 75.
Repeat the Text Effect Step for all the text you will be adding. Play with different text effects, there are many with PI to choose from.
*You can right click on the fire preset to alter the colors to suit your tag.
For my distrust effect. I alter the colors to black and green then using the tranform tool stretched my text . Then i dragged my distrust text above my first Obj-28 layer.*
Click on Obj-17.
Photo/Photo Frame with these settings.

Add your name. Using the easy palette/Galleries, Text/Path Effects, add you text effects.
Adjust/Resize, Image/Object 85%.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Object/Merge All
Photo/PhotoFrame with these settings.

!!!Very important!!
Adjust/Image Resolution, dot the user defined and enter 72.
Web/Image Optimizer/Jpg
Save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.Now that you have completed this tutorial, have fun playing with the many other templates available through the program.


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08/17/2006 10:28:22 AM