You will need PsP X & Animation Shop. Tube and font of choice. I am using an image from my Jessica Dougherty purchased package from CILM. Please visit CILM to obtain your own licensed package to work with Jessica's artwork.
You will also need my template HERE. If you want some really great fireworks and animation effects give Photoimpact/Ulead Gif a try one day. *S* Please visit my SpiderFlare tutorial written earlier this week very similar to this one. Have fun &....
Let's Begin!
Open my template in PsP. Windows, duplicate and close the original for future creating.
Open the tube you will be using, edit copy.
Back to our canvas,make sure that Obj-32 layer is highlighted. Edit paste as new layer.We want our tube to be between Obj-33 and Obj-32.
Resize if needed and position to where you would like.Add a drop shadow.
Make Obj-35 layer active and add your text. Add your text effects.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
We are ready to animate.
Whew that wasn't so bad. My head was spinning trying to write the entire works in Photoimpact lol..
Open up Animation Shop, back to PsP.
*Please note..your tube/font and artists credit layers are always visible we will not hide and unhide these layers. *
1---Hide layers Obj-35,Obj-34, Obj-32,Obj-31 .
Unhide layers Obj-30 and Obj-33--
Edit copy merged. Go to animation shop. Edit paste as new animation. Back to PsP.
2---Hide layers Obj-35, Obj-33,Obj-32,Obj-30.
Unhide layers Obj-34,Obj-31--
Edit copy merged. Go to animationn shop. Edit paste after current frame. Back to PsP.
3---Hide layers Obj-34,Obj-33, Obj-31, Obj-30.
Unhide layers Obj-35 and Obj-32.
Edit copy merged. Go to animation shop. Edit paste after current frame. View Animation. You did it!
File, optimization wizard. Save and you're done! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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07/11/2006 12:06:08 AM