Special Thanks

This page is dedicated to those who have helped me and have encouraged me with learning and trying new things. For those that support me in my every day life.

Thank you to my hubby . You are truly the love of my life and and great father and husband. Thank you for understanding that i need time to myself and allowing me time on my puter to play. Thank you for supporting me in accomplishing all i have ever done.Thanks hun! xoxo

Thank you to my kids. All are truly our gift from God. They teach me every day it's the small things in life that count. Live your life through the eyes of a child, never meant so much until I became a Mom. -Priceless-

I would like to thank my parents for teaching me morals, ethics and most importantly for my love for my Saviour. Without their guidance in my life I would not have the faith and love I do for my Lord. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I'd like to thank my brother for my introduction to learning computers. You have spent countless hours teaching me what I know now. Thanks Dave!

Thanks to Nancy for being there in my early days of PsPin to encourage me to keep with it and that I would understand it all soon enough and I did. Thanks Nancy.

There are lots of teachers that have helped me learn too. SpiritWings my mentor for learning PhotoImpact. LadyGem for my classes at BuddingHtmlGurus. KoKo for my classes at Juelle's Web Design Beginner through Advanced. Jenni for my CSS Wise Owl classes.They may not ever get enough thanks for all they do but the courses are long and trying and they really are talented ladies.

Special thanks to my good friend Deb. We started out learning psp together. Hard to realize where we were so little ago. Thanks for listening and helping me walk my "journey" your support ever so needed , I can't ever thank you enough .

Last but never least, I'd like to thank God for reuniting me with my birthmother Carolynne. I have 2 great sisters Kristi and Jayda. I grew up
without a sister and now i have 2! It's never too late !*

Often during times in our life we branch out to try and learn new things. For me i enjoy learning new things and won't ever stop. I don't do bored well..lol Get out there and apply yourself to what you want to learn.. whatever it may be… The risk is worth taking.

Take care

God bless..Pray for Peace!